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11:45am 26/04/2008
  new journal (old news for some)
want it?
12:46pm 26/01/2008
mood: curious
yeah yeah yeah enough ov this. how's life? life is good. life is long. ergh. sick ov all the whining kids and their mothers who just keep getting pregnant by the wrong people at the wrong stage of their lives. I'm glad these shits are dead *pokes abdomen* so. in the essence of things someone like me is visiting a certain state in February. Not alone, like previously but who knows where life will take me these next few months. Down the river. Alien babies. Sometimes I feel as though I havent spoken in years to the people who matter. I've worked to much. Now, that work has ended abruptly and painfully I feel useless. Like a crack addict. Someone who should just give up life. (Someone has bills to pay). Roughing it at life has it's good points. At the same time the evergrowing shadow of what is my own self is destructive and tempermental. At least I admit I'm a social douchebag.

Yanni. Lets get together around the 4-6 of February. I will be around. We should catch up, things have been spotty, and I miss your kindness.

People who are in love make me ill beyond belief. Having no intimacy with someone who cares more about a scratch than my being, I've completely whited the thing which is I out. Six months of emptiness has made me an addict for sunsets. Sunsets are real, at least I can feel whole knowing that fact.
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09:16am 08/05/2007
mood: awake
Sweet Lemons and Sour Grapes
Dreamlike escapes
A sweet embrace
A frosted hand sweeps my face
Once fond now foul
Knowing you’re not my own
Knowing I cannot come close
…You’re the grapes gone sour
My excuse for not perusing farther
…now you’re gone
I cannot return.
Instead I’m chewing lemons, now sweet to me
For that’s all I can afford
All I have
All I deserve
I know I could do better…
…I’ll stick with it for now.
For these lemons aren’t bitter
like you’ve become…

Only Dreaming
Dreaming to go where my heart races
I’m dying to meet you there
The sky breathing the air so pure
We drown ourselves in love

The earth like silk upon our soles
Against the wind we fly
Now you’re no more than arms length
I’m weeping like a child

Crossing woodlands and rivers
Underneath the light of the moon
Two souls entwined
Making up for lost time

As I breathe this one last time
I’ve never felt more alive

It cannot be undone
The needle has sewn the fabrication soundly
It’s made to be unwoven
Even the most willing dare not try
Much like a great unbarring wall
I barricade myself in its depths
I beset myself in the nothingness I’ve fashioned
Conserving myself from thine eyes
That I abhor mine own
…and loathe mine tenderness
Shun to all for I anemic cannot breathe the perfect words
To expound my scorn..

Hath you accountable
My journal....ew.   
12:04pm 06/03/2007
mood: apathetic
My journal is friends only. Sorry guys :/ add me at your leisure and I'll return the favor.
09:12am 01/02/2007
mood: crazy
So tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday.
alot has happened................and not happened.
I still haven't gone looking for college, no apps. kind of lost in this
crazy messed up world I live in. (ARENTweALL)

I'm partially losing my mind, and partially headstrong with some kind of
self appreciative influence. Though feelings lead to self loathing, I think
I'll be alright for the moment.

Tomorrow. Egh. I need to shape up. need.

self help tip: loose the hair.
06:50pm 09/11/2006
mood: awake
So yeah. Class that is Computers. [inWHICHiAMinGRARiHATEit] I am damned tired, but it is completely and utterly worth it all. Oh yes. Tonight, shall be a good night as well as the rest of the weekend. S-C-O-R-E

I didn't get the chance to go t' Irish last night, due to the fact that I had to clean, but eh, it was worth it and I probably didnt miss out much, well I hope not anyway-I hate to make up things.

Weekend Schedule:

Thursday Night: Anime with James and mates-Chelsey = Asian Tom. Good times.
Friday Night: James and I venture to Milford for some hot times...perhaps some aloe drink. ASIAN MARKET. WHOADAMN.
Saturday: "PERFECT" cousin and family's house...fakk Avon man...
Sunday: A day to ourselves, lots of .................
Monday: HOPEFULLY he will be able to come to school avec moi. Most likely will not thought. DAMN.
Tuesday: Final Hurrah. No school that day, fakk that mate.

That's about it.

EAT IT. <3
08:22pm 08/11/2006
mood: calm
gah. livejournal. GAH...

yeah. I am back. Throw the confetti and shit.