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yeah yeah yeah enough ov this. how's life? life is good. life is long. ergh. sick ov all the whining kids and their mothers who just keep getting pregnant by the wrong people at the wrong stage of their lives. I'm glad these shits are dead *pokes abdomen* so. in the essence of things someone like me is visiting a certain state in February. Not alone, like previously but who knows where life will take me these next few months. Down the river. Alien babies. Sometimes I feel as though I havent spoken in years to the people who matter. I've worked to much. Now, that work has ended abruptly and painfully I feel useless. Like a crack addict. Someone who should just give up life. (Someone has bills to pay). Roughing it at life has it's good points. At the same time the evergrowing shadow of what is my own self is destructive and tempermental. At least I admit I'm a social douchebag.

Yanni. Lets get together around the 4-6 of February. I will be around. We should catch up, things have been spotty, and I miss your kindness.

People who are in love make me ill beyond belief. Having no intimacy with someone who cares more about a scratch than my being, I've completely whited the thing which is I out. Six months of emptiness has made me an addict for sunsets. Sunsets are real, at least I can feel whole knowing that fact.
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