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So yeah. Class that is Computers. [inWHICHiAMinGRARiHATEit] I am damned tired, but it is completely and utterly worth it all. Oh yes. Tonight, shall be a good night as well as the rest of the weekend. S-C-O-R-E

I didn't get the chance to go t' Irish last night, due to the fact that I had to clean, but eh, it was worth it and I probably didnt miss out much, well I hope not anyway-I hate to make up things.

Weekend Schedule:

Thursday Night: Anime with James and mates-Chelsey = Asian Tom. Good times.
Friday Night: James and I venture to Milford for some hot times...perhaps some aloe drink. ASIAN MARKET. WHOADAMN.
Saturday: "PERFECT" cousin and family's house...fakk Avon man...
Sunday: A day to ourselves, lots of .................
Monday: HOPEFULLY he will be able to come to school avec moi. Most likely will not thought. DAMN.
Tuesday: Final Hurrah. No school that day, fakk that mate.

That's about it.

EAT IT. <3
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