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Sweet Lemons and Sour Grapes
Dreamlike escapes
A sweet embrace
A frosted hand sweeps my face
Once fond now foul
Knowing you’re not my own
Knowing I cannot come close
…You’re the grapes gone sour
My excuse for not perusing farther
…now you’re gone
I cannot return.
Instead I’m chewing lemons, now sweet to me
For that’s all I can afford
All I have
All I deserve
I know I could do better…
…I’ll stick with it for now.
For these lemons aren’t bitter
like you’ve become…

Only Dreaming
Dreaming to go where my heart races
I’m dying to meet you there
The sky breathing the air so pure
We drown ourselves in love

The earth like silk upon our soles
Against the wind we fly
Now you’re no more than arms length
I’m weeping like a child

Crossing woodlands and rivers
Underneath the light of the moon
Two souls entwined
Making up for lost time

As I breathe this one last time
I’ve never felt more alive

It cannot be undone
The needle has sewn the fabrication soundly
It’s made to be unwoven
Even the most willing dare not try
Much like a great unbarring wall
I barricade myself in its depths
I beset myself in the nothingness I’ve fashioned
Conserving myself from thine eyes
That I abhor mine own
…and loathe mine tenderness
Shun to all for I anemic cannot breathe the perfect words
To expound my scorn..

Hath you accountable
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